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Technical Workshops

Goal: To run 6 technical workshops every year

The Venture Center plans to run Technical Workshops on selected topics of interest to technology developers, technology/ science entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators

Supported by:

NIDHI COE at Venture Center

  • Workshop and M-Clinic on The Art & Science of Effective Start-up Storytelling- Wave 2 by Srikant Sastri|Tuesday, 14 January 2020 |9.00 am -1.30 pm |Flyer |Outline |Register here
  • One Day Workshop on Food processing waste valorization |Monday, 14 Oct 2019 |9.30 am -5.00 pm |Flyer |Outline |Register here |Evaluation
  • Tinkering in a Day! Core Instrument Training Program |23 Feb 2019
  • Immersion Program: For managers of new incubation centers | Training room @ Venture Center|Friday, 15 Feb 2019 | Time: 0900-1800
  • Assessing Project Viability: Insights from the Process Industry | E-classroom, Venture Center| 19th January 2019, 9:00AM-6:00 PM, by Dr. Tushar Gore
  • Beyond the Chemistry: How does a Pharmaceutical Molecule reach the Market? 14-15 Dec 2018, by Dr. Tushar Gore
  • Three Days Intensive Workshop on Advanced Arduino | 11-13 Dec 2018
  • Two Days Intensive Workshop on Advanced Thermal Analysis – DSC, TGA & DMA (Emphasis on Polymeric Materials) Wave 1 |3-4 Aug 2018